We did it! See how we got on 💪


We had a fantastic time yesterday completing our #CaptainTom100 Challenge. St Paul KAASO School in Uganda organised a whole host of activities for the teachers and students to get involved in, and we were skipping in the UK!

We’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has donated so far. We’ve raised a fantastic £362.50, which will go towards food, classroom & boarding materials, and COVID-19 supplies for St Paul KAASO.

We are absolutely over the moon that KAASO’s Challenge was picked up by The Captain Tom Foundation on Twitter! I wonder if Sir Tom would ever have imagined inspiring children in rural Uganda to do something like this as he was doing 100 laps of his garden last year.

Captain Tom Twitter

Here is St Paul KAASO’s Challenge. The girls did a jumping challenge, the boys, a relay challenge, and the teachers, a running challenge. Well done to all involved!

In the UK, we chose to skip because we really wanted to do something related to fond memories of being in Uganda. When I (Lizzie) visited Uganda in 2012, it was recommended that we bring some rope so that our bags could be tied to the top of Dominic’s car.

It turned out that we didn’t need it for that but it came in as an excellent skipping rope! Inspired by the fun we had on the KAASO football field in 2012, we decided to do something similar for this challenge. 

We would also like to take a moment to thank Captain Sir Tom Moore. Without Captain Tom, we wouldn’t have been taking part in all these wonderful activities this weekend. Thank you for inspiring us all. 

“Tomorrow will be a good day” – Captain Tom

Captain Tom