We’re doing the Captain Tom 100 Challenge 💪

We are excited to let you know that next weekend (30th April – 3rd May), we will be taking part in the Captain Tom 100 Challenge!

What is the Captain Tom 100 Challenge?
Friday 30th April 2021 would have been Captain Sir Tom Moore’s 101st birthday and the one-year anniversary of the extraordinary celebrations following the conclusion of his famous 100 laps of his garden that raised an incredible £38.9 million for the NHS. Tom’s simple message of hope – “Tomorrow will be a good day” – resonated around the globe during some of the darkest days of the pandemic, bringing light and comfort to millions worldwide.

Following the outpouring of heartfelt messages since his death on 2nd February, his family pledged to celebrate his life with an event that everyone, in the UK and around the world, could get involved in to celebrate Captain Tom’s generosity of spirit, the hope and joy he brought to millions, and his sense of fun.

And that event is the #CaptainTom100

Captain Tom

What is ‘Unity is Strength’ doing for the Challenge?

We are going to skip 100 times. We really wanted to do something related to Uganda. When I (Lizzie) visited Uganda in 2012, it was recommended that we bring some rope so that our bags could be tied to the top of Dominic’s car.

It turned out that we didn’t need it for that but it came in as an excellent skipping rope! Inspired by the fun we had on the KAASO football field in 2012, we decided to do something similar for this challenge.

Skipping at KAASO

What’s even more exciting is that the children and staff at KAASO are going to join in with the Challenge! Dominic has been talking to the teachers this week to decide what they’d like to do 100 times and they’ll send us photos/videos as their challenge gets underway next weekend!

We will of course keep you updated with how we all get on and if you’d like to get involved, please get in touch.