The microloan project is helping to retain teachers at KAASO

Microloan initiative – a great success!

Earlier this year, the teachers and staff members at KAASO set up a new project called the KAASO Staff Development Association (or KAASO-Dep for short) following the success of the income-generating projects that were set up during COVID. KAASO-Dep issues microloans to individuals and groups working on these or similar projects.

When Lizzie and Rob visited KAASO in March, they spent time with Nurse Shiba, the Chair of KAASO-Dep, to go through the applications submitted so far and set out the reporting procedures. Unity is Strength agreed to commit £3,000 to the loan pot, which was possible thanks to your incredible donations, and we are delighted to say this money is now in circulation!

Ray and Moses

Left: Ray, who teaches Computer Studies and manages the library, has started a poultry project.

Right: Moses, who teaches mathematics, is involved in the brick-making project.

Maize plantation

A few members of KAASO-Dep planted maize corn together. Now it’s harvest time!

Coffee plantation

KAASO Coffee! Left: Students preparing to plant the coffee seedlings in the garden.

Right: Dominic picking coffee beans that are ripe and ready for harvesting.


Since the start of KAASO-Dep, no teachers have left KAASO and one teacher has come back!

Income generated from the Chair Hire project

Earlier in the year we were able to support KAASO’s wish to set up a Chair Hire project to generate funds for the school. 1,000 chairs were purchased and they are now being hired our regularly for local events and functions. Since its establishment in February, the project has generated 4.2 million Ugandan shillings, which is about £900.

Conference speaking and Sports Day!

Dominic was chosen to represent KAASO and the community of Kabira at a national conference in Uganda organised by The Association of Microfinance Institutions of Uganda. Councilors and Ministers have been very impressed with the work being done at KAASO and are keen for it to be shared widely.

Conference and Sports Day

Left: Dominic speaking at the conference.

Right: Another fantastic Sports Day held at KAASO. 

Thank you again for your continued support. It is really exciting to see these projects come to life and to already be generating income for KAASO. Our aim has always been to help retain teachers/staff members at KAASO in a sustainable way, so it is fantastic to see this happening.

Enjoy the summer. We’ll be back in touch later in the year!