Happy Giving Tuesday

Happy Giving Tuesday! We hope you are doing well. We are excited to update you on the micro-loan initiative at KAASO and give you a couple of ideas for your Christmas shopping…

It’s Giving Tuesday!

Firstly, we’d like to say a huge THANK YOU for all the support you have given so far. You are helping to change lives of those at KAASO and we couldn’t do it without your geneorsity.

It is fantastic to see our original aim to help retain teachers at KAASO being achieved through the micro-loan initiative. Find out more about this below!

If you are able to, please make a donation to continue supporting the teachers, staff members and students at KAASO. Thank you.

Giving Tuesday

The microloan initiative goes from strength to strength

In case you missed the background to the microloan initiative, you can read about it in our July newsletter here.

We have now received the first reports from Dominic and the committee setting out the projects that have happened so far and the benefits they are seeing as a result. Projects are varied and include brick-making, poultry, piggeries, buying oxen, growing crops, and others. Here are some highlights:

  • Some members have bought plots of land for cultivation/ farming.
  • Some involved in farming have harvested more than 2 tonnes of maize.
  • Some have developed a saving culture since they have additional income.
  • Nurse Jackie has constructed a house for her mother.
  • Teacher Prossy has bought a plot of land.
  • The chair hiring project has so far yielded a profit of 2 million UGX (~£425) for the group and it has helped promote the school to different audiences.
  • Staff members are happier than they used to be.
  • Staff members want to stay and work at KAASO.
Shiba, Jackie and Teacher Prossy

Left: Nurse Shiba and Jackie on KAASO Hill, March 2023

Right: Teacher Prossy at KAASO

There are now 56 members of the KAASO Staff Development Association, 34 teaching staff and 22 non-teaching.

20 projects have been supported so far at a total cost of 21,850,000 UGX (approximately £4,600). Nearly £1,500 has been paid back already.

Interest in the project is growing rapidly and we would like to be able to add more capital to the loan pot to enable as many staff members as possible to get involved. If you are able to, please make a donation to support this fantastic initiative.

Happy, healthy, consistent teachers and staff members are essential for delivering a top-class education for the students at St Paul KAASO.

Dominic and students

Dominic’s caption: ‘Fatherly words of farewell to our beloved candidates of 2023.’

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Give as you Live set up

We hope you enjoyed hearing about the micro-loan initiative and seeing the teacher/staff retention at KAASO become a reality! Thank you again for your continued support. 

We’ll be back in touch with a Christmas message and review of 2023 in a few weeks 🙂