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As well as indicating how your donations have been spent so far, it shows the tremendous difference your money is making to the KAASO community. Thank you very much. We hope you enjoy the read.

Please note the figures are given in Ugandan Shillings. £1 is roughly the equivalent of 4,000 Ugandan Shillings.

Dominic Mukwaya

Photograph of Dominic by Emma Outteridge (KAASO Volunteer Co-ordinator)

Report on the KAASO Staff Projects

By Dominic Kalinzi Mukwaya, Director KAASO Uganda

On behalf of the Management, Administration and staff of KAASO, allow me to submit our appreciations to all friends who have tremendously donated to our school projects especially during this challenging time of the Covid Pandemic.

These projects have had a lot of benefits to our teachers and other staff members which include:

  • Promotion of team spirit among the staff members as they have been working together.
  • Engagement during this time when the schools are off to avoid redundancy.
  • Gaining agriculture, farm and economic knowledge and skills.
  • Sustainable income to the teaching and non-teaching staff as the school can no longer manage to pay them their monthly salaries.
  • Model in the area and the District. These projects have attracted many people from the community who are coming to witness how they are being carried out (these include area members of Parliament, the District Chairperson and councillors, priests, Headteachers, teachers and so many others). So, there is a lot of impact to the community.
  • We have been able to retain many staff members as they are busy and have hopes that in the near future, they will be able to harvest something.

Staff Projects at KAASO

The staff projects: Bricks, pigs, chickens, goats, and watermelons!

Update on COVID restrictions in Uganda

We now have confirmation that schools across Uganda will not reopen until January 2022 – by the time students return, there will have been almost two years of school closures. The effect this will have had is difficult to comprehend and it will be a real challenge for the students to readjust to school life after such a long time.

We are so grateful that, with your support, we have been able to help KAASO retain their valued staff during this time so that in January they will be ready to help the students get back on track.