Project updates and an old friend! 👨🏾‍🔬

It’s been a difficult start to the year with devastating reports coming out of Ukraine. Everyone from Unity is Strength would like to voice our support and solidarity with Ukraine and hope no one reading this has been impacted directly by the conflict.

We do have some brighter news to share with you coming out of KAASO. We have an update on the piggery project that your generous donations have helped support, and news from a KAASO alumnus, Katende Ambrose, about his latest entrepreneurial pursuits.

Piggery project

The piggery project was started in July 2021 as an initiative to help KAASO create more self-sustaining projects to help with the upkeep of the school.

The project got off to a great start but sadly Kabira was hit with an outbreak of swine flu which saw many of the animals needing to be put down. This unfortunate situation impacted the project significantly but it is far from over.

The staff at KAASO are gearing up to restart the project and look for ways to mitigate the impact of these external forces.

We are due to have a call with Dominic in the next couple of weeks to further understand how we can safeguard any funds sent to support this project and ensure your donations have the greatest impact.

Piggery at KAASO

We’re confident there is still great potential for such a project and look forward to sharing more information when the new sows take up residence at KAASO.

Harrop Pharmacy opens

We’re delighted to share the news that a KAASO alumnus, Katende Ambrose, who left KAASO in 2006, has just launched his very own business called ‘Harrop Pharmacy’.

Ambrose studied at Mbarara University and graduated in 2017. Since then he has worked as a pharmacist, building up a wealth of knowledge and experience. The pandemic was a huge challenge but Ambrose overcame the obstacles facing him and this year decided it was time to strike out on his own.

We were immensely proud and flattered that Ambrose decided to name the Pharmacy ‘Harrop’ in recognition of the ties we’ve made with Uganda and the friendships that have grown over the years. We could not be happier for Ambrose and wish him the very best of success.

It is a testament to how critical a good education is for all children and what amazing opportunities it can lead to.

Harrop Pharmacy

We asked Ambrose what it meant to him and his family to be opening his own business.

“Opening the pharmacy means Flower and I are more confident that our children and other dependants will have decent and quality education since our income will be more.

Also the neighbouring communities will be able to easily access quality pharmaceutical services as well as other medical services like free Blood Pressure Monitoring and free consultation from the pharmacist over the weekend.”

Stacking shelves at Harrop Pharmacy

This month we would like to thank all our supporters for their continued generosity and kindness during this difficult time. It means the world to us and is making a real difference to the staff and children of KAASO.