School’s in session ✏️

KAASO is now officially back in session! The start of term has been going down well with students and staff alike.

First month back!

Schools in Uganda re-opened on 10th January 2022. The pandemic has been extremely difficult for many of the parents and guardians who send their children to KAASO. Some who used to pay school fees are now no longer able to.

The projects that were started last year thanks to funds from Unity is Strength have been a real life line. For example, the poultry, brick making and nursery projects are doing well and they have started to generate some income. This has been channelled towards support for the staff and teachers to help KAASO retain these excellent employees.

Since opening in January, KAASO has registered a total of 675 students and 57 members of staff (both teaching and non-teaching).

Students preparing for lessons

Students preparing for lessons

Over the two years that KAASO was closed, the buildings and infrastructure inevitably became a little worn. We are delighted that KAASO has received support from the Canadian Learning Foundation to repair the whole school and put educational paintings on the walls (as you can see above!)

A good nights sleep

In partnership with friends of KAASO Uganda (hosted by Emma Outteridge, the KAASO volunteer coordinator), we have raised an incredible £5,423 for new metal bunk beds at KAASO. Before the pandemic, the students were sleeping on wooden triple-decker bunk beds, which are no longer allowed.

Updated dormitories

Updated dormitories

We asked Dominic how the students are getting on with the new beds. He said,

“So far, the students who have received the new bunk beds are so happy and sleep more comfortably. The dormitories look more organised and spacious. The new bunk beds have been made following the Ugandan Ministry of Education and Sports guidelines. They are only double-decker beds. The dormitories are so easy to clean and now proper hygiene and sanitation is being maintained in those dormitories which have received them.”

Old bunk beds

In case you were wondering what will happen to all the old wooden bunk beds, Dominic has that covered. They are going to become bookshelves in the classrooms! Fantastic this material won’t go to waste.

Passed with flying colours!

Since KAASO re-opened, four teams of Inspectors from the District and the Ministry have visited the school to supervise and monitor the Standard Operating Procedures, Sanitation and Hygiene, the teaching and learning process, school security procedures and the general environment. They have all been very impressed by the way the school is run. Well done KAASO!

From left: Bunk-bed making, students harvesting potatoes from the school garden, and painting the school walls

From left: Bunk-bed making, students harvesting potatoes from the school garden, and painting the school walls

This month we are going to leave the closing words to Dominic. We were so touched when he said,

“Am so happy that we are building a strong working team. Thinking, brainstorming, creating, innovating, implementing together. In fact, ‘Unity is Strength’.”