KAASO takes 4th at the Music Festival and volunteers are back!

This month we have news of the students’ achievements at the Music, Dance and Drama Festival and it’s great to see volunteers back at KAASO!

KAASO takes 4th!

The children of KAASO performed an extraordinary feat by taking 4th place in the National Primary Schools Music, Dance & Drama Festival out of no less than 73 schools competing! Huge congratulations to all those who participated and an enormous thank you to all our supporters for helping KAASO get there.

KAASO Music Festival

By all accounts, the children had an incredible time and are already excited to start rehearsing for next year’s event. Check out the highlights from this year’s Festival below!

Volunteers at KAASO!

KAASO has recently welcomed its first volunteers back in nearly 3 years! Carly and Luke spent three weeks at KAASO and had then planned to go travelling in Uganda, but when it came to it, they decided to stay at KAASO for the duration. It is such a special place 💛

If you or anyone you know would be interested in volunteering at KAASO, please visit the KAASO-Uganda website here https://kaaso-uganda.org/.